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Outward Bound
Dunera 1953

   We sailed from Southampton on the Dunera 1st May 1953 bound for Port Said, not being a good sailor I suffered for the first Four of Ten Days and spent more time not feeling well (bloody awful Really), when we had boat station drill which was every day to start with, I was told to sit down and they would worry about me when and if the ship sank (but I still had to put my lifejacket on), but after I got some sort of balance it was quite pleasant in an odd sort of way. I woke up on the last day and I thought I was in heaven, then it dawned on me, there was no movement, we were still what a relief but the smell phew!! on deck to have a look at where we were, I could not believe my eyes, over the side there were small boats with Arabs selling things, what they did was to throw a rope up to the deck, you caught the rope and they would put what you had bought into a basket on the end of the rope and you pulled it up, (never tried it myself), but some did, they even managed to get onto the ship somehow, we disembarked and boarded a train bound for a place called Ismailia further down the Suez Canal, but would you believe the Army had forgotten that we were on our way so we had to march to Moascar, our lorries arrived some hours later and off we went to Tel-el-Kebir where I spent the rest of my service. An experience I shall never forget.
  Below is a picture of our dinning room as I said before I was not a good sailor so I did not see to much of this area as I never made it there for the first four days, oh well !! I also had to have a tooth out while on board, I found out where I had to go this officer had a look and yes he said it had to come out he jabbed me with a needle (well in the army you get used to that sort of thing) and told me to walk around the deck, when I got back I sat on a wooden chair this other bloke held my head and then the dentist
(I think he was a dentist) took my tooth out.
What a journey. 

 This was the troops dinning room

New Australia 1954

  This ship was a different proposition to The Dunera, would you believe we were in a cabin of six not bad that considering on the Dunera we were on fold up bunks three high on a troop deck. We sailed from Port Said on Christmas Eve 1954 and docked in Southampton on New Years Eve, there were quite a few people waiting on the quayside some of the troops on board were from Korea and they had relatives there as well as some of our lads, if you had a relative there they could come on board for a short time. The journey home for me was a lot better than than my outward one, it was only on the first day that I was not to sure what was going on, which was a good thing because the Bay of Biscay was yet to come, but when we got there it was like a millpond, was I happy about that.
  When we disembarked we had to layout all of our kit so that customs could pick their way through it, no worries though not a lot was found, mind you where we were you could not buy a great lot but we of course did have a few presents for when we got home. 






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