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Music Shop Lower Meryick Street

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As we all now Know the Music Shop in Lower Meryick Street closed today after 28 years of being Open,

The Owners Gareth and Peggy John have decided to retire unfortunately which has resulted in another empty shop in Pembroke Dock.

When they first opened the Shop it was at the Top of Lower Meryick Street then due to changes in Shopping Habits they moved further down towards the Town Centre.

I had a Long Chat this morning with Gareth and Mandy and things got Very Emotional especially when they mentioned about all the Children and Adults who have learnt to Play so many Instruments, All I can say is that they will be Greatly missed by everyone and as a token of appreciation I presented them with special presents on behalf of the Pembroke Dock Town Council, May I also give a mention about Alison Lee Town and County Councillor for the Central Ward you should be congratulated on suggesting the whole thing in the beginning. WELL DONE. For myself Mayor of Pembroke Dock it was an Honour to be involved in such an enjoyable but sad Occasion with a Lovely Ending. They will never be forgotten even though they have closed down.

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