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Demonstration at South Pembs Hospital

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May I say as Mayor of Pembroke Dock a Huge Thank-you to everyone who attended the Demonstration at South Pembs Hospital this Cold Friday Morning, Even though the Weather got the better of us the Atmosphere was Fantastic, The League of Friends gave us there Full Support as well as the Public so all we have to do now is hope that the Health Board will reconsider their proposals to close the Minor Injuries Unit, It is so essential to the South of the County as we have so much Industry, Tourism, Old Age Pensioners who rely on being seem promptly and of course we have our Little Juniors what can I say they definitely have to be seen Quickly, These are Human Lives we are talking about now and not just Numbers that can be juggled around, If only someone from the Health Board would listen to the Public for a change they are the ones who know what works and what doesn’t.
I spoke to lots of people this morning who were going to Out Patients Appointments and they are feeling Very Let down by the Health Authority and as this episode has been going on for so long now no-one knows what is going to happen next.
I have always been a People’s Person who puts them first, I hope you will do the same. Please think twice what you do before it is too late.

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