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Backyard Raptor Kill

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Backyard raptor kill
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Gull | 14:00 UK time, Monday, 12 April 2010
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Graham and Dot Roberts from Pembroke Dock have just e-mailed in these shots of a sparrowhawk catching it's prey on their back lawn.

In this case, dinner was a pigeon, which seems to be a particular favourite of these predators. Perhaps it's the French influence?
It just goes to show though, that you don't have to be stood in the middle of nowhere, waiting in a camouflaged bird hide for hours, in order to see a spectacular wildlife event unfold before your very eyes. Just try looking out of the window from time to time .

The last time I saw a sparrowhawk was when one almost took my head off whilst I was digging over my spuds...
It flew straight past me at warp speed, before ploughing head first into a garden fence panel behind me.
I assume he went for a sparrow and missed or thought a 'gull' might be fair game ;)
Either way - we were both a bit shell shocked. I carried on digging. He made his excuses and left.


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